Growth in the current market?

The most lasting and genuine improvement in financial performance is created through growth and generating additional yield. Now is the right time for companies to check whether their organisations’ client work and sales activities are producing the optimal result. How is your company doing?

How much will a company’s sales revenue grow through sales training?

Too often way too little. Often not at all. Still, companies have a clear need for thorough, effective and professional development of their client work and sales activities. There is little trust in the effects of traditional training to gain genuine change. And rightly so. Fortunately, there are better ways.

What is the idea behind VBA Nordic and how will your company benefit from its work?

Having worked in the development of Finnish and international companies for many years, we wanted to work in a different way and find the methods that will bring visible changes to companies’ activities and results. And we think we have found them. We also found that clients have real use for these methods. That’s why we joined together and founded VBA Nordic.

In our development activities, we employ methods that allow you to improve your company’s client work activities and sales revenue in a measurable way. You will receive important and useful information on the effectiveness of your company’s client work activities, making them more profitable and more in alignment with your strategy. Sales management and control processes will become more effective. Customer satisfaction will improve and your company’s profit will increase.

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