Do you have concrete information about how your sales organisation is succeeding?

How do you know if the reported sales result is the best it can be with your current resources? Could your organisation generate more revenue? How much more? Do you have reliable information about the efficiency of your organisation's client work and sales activities?   

Most business managers in the current market situation want to improve their organisation's ability to increase their revenue. The tougher question is what is it exactly that they can do to reach this goal. To answer this question, you need full and accurate information about the operational efficiency of your company. We will get you that information.

We will start the development work by sitting down with you to analyse the state and efficiency of your company's cllient work and sales activities: we will interview your clients, partners and people working in various duties within your organisation; we will study the modes of operation in place in your organisation; visit your customers with your salespeople; analyse the results and profitability of client work and sales activities and examine the preconditions for activities in your company.

What does profitable development look like?

Many business managers resolve the development needs of client work and sales activities in their company by providing their staff with sales training, and many training companies are happy to take on this challenge. Many training companies have prepared a basic concept often on a one-size-fits-all basis they use to implement the development work without taking into account the real reason why the company's sales are not growing. The end result is often a series of seemingly successful training events that have no discernible effect on the company's revenue.

Do you think that a training programme implemented in the way described above will provide your company the development and results you want? We don't.

Our starting point for developing your company's activities is its actual situation and development needs which we have charted - not isms developed by us or anyone else. We decide on the methods to be employed together with you after we have found out the most effective measures to increase sales in your company.

How can sales result be influenced?

It seems that even an extensive set of training and courses doesn't increase revenue. Improving your salespeople's selling skills is only a part of the solution. Our development methods focus on all the factors that make a difference to your revenue.

There are many alternatives for these factors: your modes of operation, planning, time management, sales systems and other instruments, supervisory work, bonus systems, target setting, assessment, monitoring, feedback procedures, etc.

What kinds of professionals do you need to help you?

The number of consultants, trainers and coaches offering their services in the market is growing day by day. They all chose their own ways of standing out from the crowd. Our way is simple.

All our advisors have years of sound experience of both management duties and business development. Our activities are not based on courses, training and concepts we have memorised; instead, they are founded on our personal and our team's know-how and skills, acquired throughout our careers. We help and support each other and plan functional solutions together. This is why we will increase you company's sales with appropriate and effective methods whose results are discernible and measurable.    

The way we operate in a nutshell

  1. Our development work is based on your company's actual situation and needs, which we chart through a professional analysis. The results of this analysis alone have great value for your company.
  2. Based on this analysis, we focus the development work on the integral factors influencing your revenue. We set clear targets and indicators for them.
  3. We have a broad range of methods to choose from. Our development work also focuses on your sales structures and systems. We will develop both your external and internal efficiency.
  4. The change is integrated with your sales management and control procedures. Right from the start of planning, we make sure that your sales control instruments will support the implementation of the change.
  5. Our working methods ensure that your sales management is committed to the targets of the change. Your management will only accept one end result: that the planned change takes place.
  6. Our development work is consistent and persevering. Considerable changes often require several years of commitment, work and investment.
  7. Our experienced advisors are available and at the disposal of your management throughout the process in the way agreed upon - just like your own personnel. We are a part of your organisation and the process of change.